Get yourself a prettier YouTube link for $1.

YouTube channel URLs suck. We know that. Get yourself a better one. No monthly fees, pay once, get forever.


How does it work?


Check if your short link is available

Navigate to the URL you want. For example If you see a YouTube channel, it's not available. If you are navigated to this website, then it's available!


Enter your channel URL and short link

While you are purchasing your awesome looking short link, enter the information we need to set it up on Gumroad.


Pay $1 and start using your new

After you pay, we'll get notified and set your soon. It may take a few hours, but you'll most probably get it very quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is

Ytub.Link is a short link service that will provide you with prettier YouTube channel URLs. If you are just starting doing YouTube, your channel URL does not look good. With Ytub.Link you can get shortened and pretty URLs like which will redirect to your YouTube channel.

Is it really for $1?

Yes it is! You only pay once and get one shortlink. Forever. You own it. Yes. It is super cool!

Does it have to be a YouTube channel URL?

Yes. That's what's in my mind. When somebody sees a short link, they will automatically think that it will redirect them to a YouTube channel.

Who are you? Why did you build this service?

Hello, I am Safa, a software developer who started doing YouTube recently. I realized the YouTube channel URLs suck! That's why I thought creating a shortlink to my product, so that I can use this pretty link on my social media. After I purchased the domain and set it up with a short link service, I wanted to share the same experience with you. Only for $1. (It's almost FREE)

Ytub.Link is made by Safa with ♥️ in 2020.

Illustration by Freepik Stories